Embed the services of
a personal stylist into online retail

Styling Rules + Big Data
Combining deep clothing analysis of clothing, past user behavior and biographical profiles of user and body shape.
Personalized Advice
CurveTips identifies for users the items in a catalog which best flatter the user’s unique figure and style.
Simple integration
The CurveTips service can be integrated by adding two simple lines to your webpage templates.
Double annual spending by use of personalized buying triggers
Personalized shopping experience which makes finding the right clothes much easier

Retailer benefits
Consumer benefits

Persuasion engine dramatically increases buying both in single visit and long term spending with the brand through targeted recommendation.

See clothing that suits your figure first, so you don’t have to look through hundreds of articles to find the few that would look stunning on you!

Catalog is organized with most flattering items with most reasons for a specific user to buy, first maximizing likelihood of purchase, and minimizing shopping fatigue…

Get professional styling explanations on how details in articles you are interested in will visually impact your unique shape.

Weekly personalized newsletter with fashion tips and clothing suggestions for both registered and non-registered users which drives significant return traffic.

Receive a free completely personalized shopping guide identifying clothing styles and shapes that best match your body-type.

Outfit suggestions made only from items which match the users body-type and style.

A free 30-page ebook explaining which clothes will flatter your figure the most and lots of shopping tips.

See how well your catalog matches the body type and style preferences of your customers. This will help you improve your catalog and identify new audiences.

Immediately see how articles will impact your figure. No registration required.

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